SPO query on set predicates

Set predicates give count related information on entities.
Are you stuck?
  1. Select a KB (default is Wikidata).
  2. Select an entity.
  3. Select a set predicate.
    • Inverse predicates are denoted by (inv)
    • Set prediate suggestions are ordered by
      1. the number of instantiations (n) for the selected entity.
      2. presence of alignments.
  4. Click for results.
  5. Follow to view the SPARQL queries made by CounQER.
  1. Have you tried refreshing the input ?
  2. Does refreshing the page work?
  3. If an entity is missing in the suggestion, then it doesn't exist in the KB.
  4. Click on any related predicate button to switch to a new query!
Set Predicate
Select a KB
Ideal Alignments*
*We show some ideal KB alignments which are missed by CounQER.